Basketball (Girls)

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  • Head Coach: Lucas Andrews
  • Junior Varsity/Freshman Coach: Melenda Egolf
  • Varsity Assistant Coach: Maci Andrews
  • Varsity Assistant Coach: Garry Smith
  • Varsity Assistant Coach: Gordon Smith

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2021-22 Elizabethton Lady Cyclones Roster  
    Olivia Holly       Lina Lyon  
  3   4  
Class: Junior  Class: Junior  
Position: Guard Height: 5'8" Positron: Guard Height: 5'5"  
    Aubrey Cole     Peyton McGee  
  11   15  
Class: Freshman Class: Freshman  
Position: Guard Height: 5'7" Position: Guard Height: 5'5"  
    Kayelyn Nave     Renna Lane  
  20   21  
Class: Freshman Class: Junior  
Position: Forward Height: 5'10" Position: Guard Height: 5'11"  
  Marlee Mathena   Maddie Fowler  
  23   33  
Class: Sophmore Class: Junior  
Position: Forward Height: 6'2" Position: Forward Height: 5'10"  
  Reiley Whitson   Katie Lee  
  42   44  
Class: Sophmore Class: Junior  
Position: Guard Height: 5'6" Position: Forward Height: 5'10"  
Head Coach: Lucas Andrews                                                                                                                           Assistant Coaches: Maci Andrews, Melenda Egolf, Garry Smith, Gordon Smith                                                                                                                                Manager: Sam Taylor                                                                                                          Director of Schools Richard VanHuss                                                                                                                Principal: Jon Minton                                                                                                                                          Athletic Director: Forrest Holt                                                                                                              Broadcaster: Tom Taylor at Tom Taylor Sports                                                                                 





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